Fascia Installation in Swindon

The fascia board is mounted where the roof meets the outer walls of your house. It’s often called the roofline. But most people know it by the main board that carries the gutter.

We’ve designed our UPVc fascia board to fit directly onto your home’s rafters. They’re hard wearing and long-lasting. Whether you want to replaced old, worn-out fascias or want a new look on a new home you won’t go wrong with our fascia boards. We serve Swindon and the surrounding areas.

A choice of styles

Our fascia boards come in two styles:

  • A standard profile
  • A sculpted ogee style

A sculpted ogee style - When seen in section an ogee moulding fascia looks like a continuous S shape. It has a scalloped edge to present a traditional and decorative finish.

Whichever style of fascia you opt for, our UPVc fascia boards are robust enough for direct fitting onto your roof rafters which reduces your replacement costs. Designed for low-maintenance and long life, our fascia boards are simple to fit. Even better they don’t need painting. Ever. Fitting new fascia boards is an easy way to bring a smart, fresh appearance to your home’s exterior. We work on properties across Swindon and the surrounding areas.


The soffits on your home are the underside of the overhanging eaves. We have a range of soffits to choose from that will perk up the external appearance of your home no end. Simple to fit, our soffit boards are compatible with our fascia boards so you’ll get an exact colour match. They match our doors and windows too.

A choice of styles

We’ve got three styles of soffits for you to choose from:

  • Soffit board with built-in ventilation slots. This keeps your loft ventilated and protects your rafters from rot.
  • 9mm utility soffit board for a clean appearance. This board is modifiable to add vents letting you maintain your loft’s airflow.
  • Hollow soffit board. This cost-effective soffit solution can also have vents fitted to it.

Guttering Installers in Swindon

There’s two factors to consider when choosing guttering:

  • Effectiveness – for this you need guttering with a large-capacity
  • Robustness

But you also want it to look good. We can supply you with all of that. We have a range of UPVc guttering and downpipes for all residential and commercial properties that will meet those requirements. For effective, strong and attractive downpipes and guttering in the Swindon area, look no further than the Barrett’s range of PVC-U rainwater systems.

The guttering we offer comes in four styles ranging from the classic half-round to ogee. In addition, we stock a selection of high-capacity gutters and downpipes that are appropriate for bigger commercial premises throughout Swindon.

The styles we offer:

  • Half-round guttering
  • Square-line guttering
  • Universal Plus


Half-round guttering - This is the classic guttering style. Seen widely on residential buildings.
Square-line guttering - This distinctive guttering style has a contemporary appearance. It’s great for most domestic properties.
Universal Plus - This is a gutter for large residential buildings, smaller commercial premises and conservatories. It’s available in 4m lengths.
Universal XL - This gutter has a large capacity. It’s designed for properties with large roofs – terraced housing and commercial buildings.


We are FENSA registered

FENSA Registered No - 36515

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